About us

Welcome on our renewed tornjak web, we are very glad that you have interest about our breed.

> We, kennel All-Petrina's are the oldest active tornjak kennel at all. <

We are FCI registered at Feb. 1998. and active in tornjak breeding more than two decades and our present U litter is first tornjak litter in Croatia after tornjak is FCI definitive recognized. 

All Petrina’s Kennel aim is breeding healthy, guarding dogs with breed typical mild character and shepherd temperament, protecting dogs who will keep their guardian’s instinct and enormous intelligence and character in the future to as they had in our heritage over a thousand years left by our ancestors, and of course functional dog in accordance with the standard.

Far upon a time, somewhere 1995. we entered almost by accident in the tornjak’s world, and all these years we were chained with unbelievable magic that these amazing dogs carry in their soul.

From our home, from All Petrina’s Tornjak kennel FCI official registered in February 1998. In the world has gone a great number of beautiful, healthy and proper character of guarding dogs …

Intensive exhibiting and breeding, and after all writing a book about this breed, Ljiljana Nakić Petrina: “Croatian Mountain Dog Tornjak”, Sibenik, 2002. spreading the story about tornjak through various available medias All Petrina’s, all this time, and today is trying to contribute to full recognition of the breed still try to help all real tornjak fans with responsible breeding, raising and selling healthy and good character of real guarding dogs around the world..


About the book: https://www.facebook.com/notes/all-petrinas-tornjak-kennel/knjiga-hrvatski-planinski-pas-tornjak/989890487828010/

Once tornjak – forever tornjak!

Ljiljana Nakić Petrina, Prof.
Owner of “All-Petrina’s”